Corsi di lingua

Distance Learning

First Class provides distance learning courses and blended learning courses, thereby eliminating all transport problems.

The need for continuous training and cutting down the time necessary for it make these educational methods the ideal solution. Thanks to distance learning, courses are available to students through online platforms, removing the need for students and teachers to be in the same place. Distance learning has strong potential for companies. Through these new technologies they can:

  • Reduce costs without jeopardizing the educational activity and the quality of the content
  • Make the educational activity flexible, adapting it to the specific needs of the professionals
  • Enhance the management of the content with quick and easy updates
  • Allow access to everyone, regardless of their IT skills
  • Support independent management of the educational activity suitable for the needs and working schedules of the professionals
  • Monitor progress through reports and analytics

Distance learning provides students with interactive materials and apps allowing them to check their progresses and to better understand the content. The support of qualified professionals guarantees a continuous in-depth analysis and allows the students to resolve their doubts and overcome the difficulties encountered during the course. Students can interact with the teacher and the other students as if they were in the same room. The educational experience and interaction are enhanced compared to the traditional teaching situation.

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