First Class provides a full range of professional interpretation services all over Italy. Interpretation is available in all the main European and extra-European languages. 

We work all over Italy providing professional interpretation services. Interpretation is available in all the main European and extra-European languages (English, French, German, Spanish, Russian, Arabic, Chinese, Rumanian, Japanese, Polish, Portuguese).  Our team is made up of professional interpreters, members of the main professional associations: AITI, ASSOINTERPRETI and AIIC.

The types of interpretation we provide are:

  • Hospitality and guide services: for foreigners coming to Italy or Italians going abroad; expert guides and interpreters provide linguistic assistance throughout the stay.
  • Liaison interpreting: the interpreter works with two or more people and translates what is said during the meeting
  • Simultaneous: the interpreter translates the sentences at the same time as they are pronounced. The listeners receive the translation via their headphones.
  • Consecutive: the interpreter takes notes during the speech, when the speech is finished the interpreter translates.
  • Whispered: the interpreter whispers a simultaneous translation to a small target-language audience.
  • Telephone interpreting: the interpreter takes part in a phone conversation and translates to the two parties involved.



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